Workshop for Preschool Teachers
This Signing Smart Workshop is relevant for teachers of hearing preschoolers (regardless of whether or not the children signed as infants and toddlers). Much more than a series of songs to sing with signs interspersed, this one-of-a kind workshop emphasizes simple but sophisticated and strategic uses of signs for preschoolers aged 3-5. Research has shown that hearing children exposed to ASL signs display enhanced vocabulary, spelling, and reading skills, as well as advance literacy skills.

Through instructor presentation, interactive activities, and discussion, teachers will learn how to use signs and Signing Smart strategies and techniques to facilitate preschoolers' language and cognitive development, spatial abilities, and understanding of time. Participants will also learn how to use Signing Smart to encourage early literacy skills and to aid in classroom behavior management. This workshop makes a wonderful in-service or teacher-training for either freestanding preschools, or those that are affiliated with national chains. Developed to allow even novice signers to successfully integrate ASL signs and Signing Smart strategies easily and seamlessly into ongoing curriculum.

Please see Locations to find an instructor near you. Ask to schedule a Preschool Workshop for your school!